Data Management

In today’s data-driven world, storing, processing and managing data has become a more critical task for organizations as they receive tremendous amounts of structured and unstructured data from diverse sources and in multiple formats. Structured data can include transactional data from various domains like sales, marketing, financial, manufacturing, human resources, etc. and unstructured data can range from social data, IoT, log data, etc.

Data Management solutions at ALIS help organizations manage their data effectively to achieve business growth and process efficiencies by empowering the organizations in analyzing the data, gaining actionable insights and implementing actions.

We are one of the most accomplished Data Management solutions providers and offer best-in-class solutions to enterprises across industries. We help you realize the full value of your corporate assets while protecting data from state and federal regulations. By exploring your real-time and historical data, we provide powerful insights and reports that can help you make critical business decisions to gain predictable results. ALIS is specialized in achieving business transformation while performing data-driven digital transformation.

Master Data Management, Data Governance and Data Quality |Alis Software

Data Governance & Data Quality

Data is your key asset and Data Governance helps you realize the full value of data while complying with all applicable data policies. We help you create a structured Data Governance framework to define, implement and enforce data standards, policies and procedures to effectively manage the data and demystify the queries around understanding and using the corporate data.

Our data governance team works in collaboration with you to analyze current compliance levels and minimize the risk of poor data quality while strictly adhering to data protection procedures to help you attain your business objectives. Data Quality helps preserve data integrity leading to effective data-driven decisions.



Protect Data


Make Data available


Produce a high-quality data

Master Data Management (MDM)

In an organization, critical data assets like customer or product information is created or updated at multiple business processes. Multiple versions of the information lead to incorrect business insights, ineffective marketing campaigns, and impaired customer experience.

Our MDM solutions help organizations unify master data across the data supply chain to create the most trusted master data that can be leveraged across the organization. MDM solutions also help establish relationships across the core business assets within the organization, leading to a holistic, 360 view of the master entity. It also helps improve sales, marketing, buying pattern and segmentation. Our MDM solutions portfolio covers advisory, implementation, and operation services across all master entities including customer, partner, supplier, employee, and product information.





Single source of truth


Holistic view of Master Entities