Operation & Support

Today, to achieve success faster and sustain it, you need your business processes and IT systems to be running smoothly, and keeping the data processes running up to date. Taking care of all these things in-house can consume a lion share of your time and capital, which you could invest in improving the core competencies of your business. Whether you are a small company with no IT resources or a medium one with limited resources or a large enterprise with good IT resources, at some point, you require support from experts to improve your processes and keep up the data to strengthen your foothold in the market. ALIS provides fast, reliable, superior and customizable Support Services to meet the diverse and complex requirements of the systems and data processes of enterprises across industries.

No matter how big or small your organization is or how complicated your business processes are, we customize our services to best suit your needs. We provide you complete access to our core infrastructure, resources and proven processes. We provide a custom support structure that can include both onsite and offsite teams. Our team has a track record of resolving incidents and issues within the agreed upon SLAs.



Timely incident and issue resolution


Compliance with Security upgrades

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Up to date data processing


Automated testing and release


99.9% uptime