Supply Chain Analytics

Analytics has been transforming the way modern enterprises manage supply chains. Today, businesses are able to improve Procurement, Planning and Operations by leveraging analytics to optimize supply chain processes. At ALIS, we help organizations get the best out of data to address the key pain areas of the supply chain. Our customizable supply chain analytics solutions help develop and cultivate insight-driven decision-making practices.

As the supply chain is increasingly becoming data-dependent, it is imperative to track and manage supply chain functions effectively to make informed decisions. ALIS provides AI-based analytics solutions that enable efficient procurement, better demand forecasting, smart pricing, improved distribution mechanism and exceptional customer experience.

Our supply chain analytics solutions are designed to make smarter decisions, better understand customer needs, predict market trends and identify new business opportunities. We use AI, machine learning, simulations, algorithmic optimization, scenarios and other forms of advanced analytics to element risks from your supply chain and automate processes.

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Areas We Cover

  • Demand & Stock Planning
  • Procurement Cost Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Warehouse Optimization
  • Order Flow Management
  • Expenditure Analytics
  • Distribution & Freight Cost Optimization
  • Supply Chain Network Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Scheduling Optimization

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Areas We Cover